Group Training

Training delivered on-site helping your practice staff
when they need it the most at a time that suits you

How would Group Training suit your Practice

At CDM Plus we offer a range of on-site training options to suit your practice needs, they start from 1 full day training and can be tailored to suit your specific training requirements. We are flexible and can work around you and your practice. You might have had some staff turnover and want to refresh your staff on your CDM Management systems and processes or wanting some additional training incorporated to your existing systems.

How We Can Help

Keeping People Healthy

At a GP level this means
Prevention, Early Detection
And Long-Term Improvement

Co-ordinated Care

Encourages Team – Based Care,
Better Management, reduced complications
And unnecessary hospitalizations

Practice Performance

Measure your practice
Our reports monitor your progress in
Chronic Disease Performance

Patient Engagement

Engage your patients
Increase attendance rates
For Chronic Disease Management
and health prevention activities

Increased Efficiency

Our Systems and Processes
Minimize timely administration,
That deliver quality care to patients
All of our training works across all types of software and add on programs.  Our resources given out at the time of training will allow staff to have the added reference tools to compliment and reinforce what they have learned.

The CDM Plus approached to training provides GP’s, Nurses, Aboriginal Health Workers and Allied Health and Healthcare Professionals with the tools and resources to shape and improve your practice and their individual performances whilst :


  • Improving patient outcomes through prevention and early detection
  • Increasing patient attendance rates for CDM appointments
  • Improving clinical systems and processes
  • Clinical staff job satisfaction
  • Improving financial outcomes

Contact Us

We would appreciate if you would fill in our contact form and a sales representative will be in contact that way we can put together a training schedule that will compliment your General Practice or Aboriginal Health Service.

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