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We are able to provide Training On-site or Remotely in the Primary Healthcare, Community and Aged Care settings.

Our training can be tailored to you, your Practice or Organisation including Chronic Disease Management and Clinical Software (Best Practice, Medical Director, Communicare)

You May Be Eligible For Funding

You may be eligible for Health Workforce Scholarship Program funding to attend one of our 2022 Chronic Disease Workshops,  Remote Training and Online Modules

The Health Workforce Scholarship Program (HWSP) provides scholarships and bursaries to help health professionals in rural and remote Australia retain and enhance their skills, capacity and scope of practice. It is available to medical, nursing, midwifery, allied health, dental and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals providing primary health care in the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) sector, non-government organisations and private practice.

The HWSP is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Health, administered in:


Queensland by Health Workforce Queensland

NSW by NSW Rural Doctors Network 

Western Australia by Rural Health West 

Victoria by Rural Workforce Agency Victoria 

South Australia by Rural Doctors Workforce Agency 

the Northern Territory by NTPHN – Rural Workforce Agency

Tasmania by HR+ 

Contact your relevant Rural Workforce Agency for details and eligibility criteria.

Intro to Chronic Disease Management

Training Package $4,500 including GST

CDM Plus provides a comprehensive Introduction to Chronic Disease Management for Clinical staff.

Our Training will provide you with lots of practical tips and step by step on everything Chronic Disease Management including:

  • Introduction to Chronic Disease Management in Primary Health Care
  • Medicare – Using MBS online, Keeping up to date with changes, CDM Item numbers and MBS Billing Combinations
  • Care Plans, Reviews, Home Medicines Review and Cycles of Care
  • Health Assessments – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Time Based and Heart Health
  • Identifying Chronic Disease Risk Factors and Prevention and Early Detection activities
  • Chronic Disease Management Templates – Setting up templates and using Progress Notes Shortcuts
  • Remote Training Sessions and Online Learning
Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding of Chronic Disease Management in Primary Health Care

  • Differentiating between Medicare Chronic Disease Management Items

  • Understanding of Care Plans, Reviews & Health Assessments

  • Understanding of Documentation requirements for Chronic Disease Management activities

  • Implementing Prevention & Early Detection activities with eligible patients Adding/Editing Chronic Disease Management Templates and Progress note shortcuts.

  • Implement learning objectives with eligible patients in your practice


    Coming Soon!!

    Advanced Chronic Disease Management

    Training Package $4,950 including GST

     Once you have mastered the basics of Chronic Disease Management,  it’s time to take it to the next level!

     CDM Plus has developed an Advanced Training Package including: 

    • My Health Record
    • Getting the most from your Chronic Disease Management Data
    • Reporting and Chronic Disease Management
    • Reminders and Workflows
    • Introduction to Quality Improvement
    • Nurse/AHW led clinics and MBS Billing Pathways
    • Remote Training Sessions and Online Learning

     Learning Objectives:

    • Define key benefits of My Health Record for patients with chronic conditions

    • Understanding of how to use My Health Record and applying this into practice

    • Comparing different reporting tools for measuring Chronic Disease Management

    • Defining preventive reminder processes and understanding CDM workflows

    • Understand Quality Improvement and implementing PDSA cycles for Chronic Disease Management

    • Developing Nurse/AHW led clinics with an understanding of MBS Item Numbers

    • Implementing learning objectives and knowledge into practice




      Very informative and well organised session. I look forward to improving my individual practice and improving Chronic Disease Management for my patients.

      Liz RN, Bridge Medical Centre Group Training Attendee

      I am really enjoying the modules. I am onto my second one and have found the information very useful. Especially the step by step instructions found in Chronic Disease Management with Medical Director! I am learning things about MD I didn’t know. Thank you!

      Rebecca RN, Online Modules and Digital Resources

      It was wonderful to have all Best Practice tools and templates – made my work easy!

      Dr Rohana, Bridge Medical Centre Group Training Attendee

      Good to build Best Practice knowledge as all is new to me. Shortcuts will make it easier to remember when i get in using the program

      Chloe EEN, Bridge Medical Centre Group Training Attendee


      Very informative and well organised session. I look forward to improving my individual practice and improving Chronic Disease Management for my patients.

      Hayley RN, CDM using Best Practice Workshop Attendee

      This training has made me recognise some gaps in our services / processes. Specipically we need some new policies / processes for claiming medicare.

      Jacqui RN, Walgett AMS Group Training Attendee

      The training was excellent learnt a lot around Chronic Disease and Medicare. Best course I’ve done in a long time. The lecturers were great, thanks for the training.

      Wayne AHW, Group Training Attendee Walgett

      OMG! Loved it! Finally found my kindred spirit!! Can’t wait to put it all into practice

      Dallas RN, BP Workshop Attendee

      Better understanding of the item numbers, how often they can be claimed.

      Sharnie Admin, Walgett AMS Group Training Attendee

      Very informative session, clarrified all grey ares in Billings with CDM and all our queries regarding complience.

      Dr Dilini, Bridge Medical Centre, Group Training Attendee

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      Practice Performance

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      Patient Engagement

      Engage your patients
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