What our Clients and have to Say

At CDM Plus we only excel if you do. We pride ourselves in offering a service that not only compliments every practice and an individual needs, but also improves outcomes for patients with Chronic Disease and increase preventative measures for patients to maintain wellness. Our values of honesty, integrity, loyalty, teamwork, leadership and trust are an integral part of the CDM Plus Culture.

Very informative and well organised session. I look forward to improving my individual practice and improving Chronic Disease Management for my patients. 

Liz, Bridge Medical Centre Group Training Attendee


Very informative and well organised session. I look forward to improving my individual practice and improving Chronic Disease Management for my patients. 

Hayley, CDM using Best Practice Workshop Attendee


I am really enjoying the modules. I am onto my second one and have found the information very useful. Especially the step by step instructions found in Chronic Disease Management with Medical Director! I am learning things about MD I didn’t know. Thank you!

Rebecca, Online Modules and Digital Resources


Good to build Best Practice knowledge as all is new to me. Shortcuts will make it easier to remember when i get in using the program

Chloe, Bridge Medical Centre Group Training Attendee


Thankyou, I looking for new information and was very happy with a lot of really good assistance / help . Great day, relaxed and enjoyable learning. 

Jo, CDM using Best Practice Workshop Attendee


It was wonderful to have all Best Practice tools and templates – made my work easy!

Dr Rohana, Bridge Medical Centre Group Training Attendee


Loved it! So many questions answered. Great to hear everyone’s experiences. CVC Update would be great. 

Catherine, Newcastle BP Workshop Attendee

Nurse Manager

Very informative session, clarrified all grey areas in Billings with CDM and all our queries regarding complience.

Dr Dilini, Bridge Medical Centre, Group Training Attendee


Better understanding of the item numbers, how often they can be claimed. 

Sharnie, Walgett AMS Group Training Attendee


Very clear delivery! Good content! Very personable delivery. Very Gratefull – This is just what we needed!

Fiona, Bridge Medical Centre Group Training Attendee


Very Good, especially for practice nurses. Good freindly presenter.

Anna, Canberra 2020 Workshop Attendee


This training has made me recognise some gaps in our services / processes. Specifically we need some new policies / processes for claiming medicare.

Jacqui, Walgett AMS Group Training Attendee

Practice Nurse / Manager

Excellent, easy to understand, plenty of time to ask questions.

Ronnie, Newcastle 2020 Workshop Attendee

Practice Nurse

The training was excellent learnt a lot around Chronic Disease and Medicare. Best course I’ve done in a long time. The lecturers were great, thanks for the training. 

Wayne, Group Training Attendee Walgett

Regional Healthy for Life Co-ordinator

.OMG! Loved it! Finally found my kindred spirit!! Can’t wait to put it all into practice

Dallas, Newcastle BP Workshop Attendee


Gave me some inspiration to give patients ideas to plan their care for better health. Enjoyed Course.

Peta, Canberra 2020 Workshop Attendee


Very informative, will help at our clinic, easy to understand – good context. 

Nudie, Walgett AMS Group Training Attendee


Appreciated going through MBS items in detail. Thank you so much Jane for sharing you extensive knowledge.

Catherine, Brisbane Day 1 and Day 2 Workshop Attendee


It was fantastic, especially MBS item numbers and Medicare

Fatima, Bidgerdii Community Health Service Group Training


Fantastic presenter as well as training provided. Enjoyed the day and very helpful resources. 

Katherine, Walgett AMS Group Training


Thank you for a very informative day. I can’t wait to start creating my own CDM templates in Best Practice.

Tegan RN, Newcastle BP Workshop Attendee

Enjoyed an informative, well set out program. Information passed on will be of great use to our corporation.

Cheryl, PHN TAS Group Training


Really enjoyed the day, very informative, a second day of practice would be great, eg: producing templates.

Pam, Newcastle BP Workshop Attendee


Well presented and informative session. Enjoyed the small group which made it relavnt to each person. 


Practice Nurse, Canberra 2020 Workshop Attendee

Really enjoyed the small group environment. The content was informative and amount of resources provided is incredibly generous! The information provided and the delivery was really good. I feel like i’ve gained a lot more nowledge about MBS billings, software and how to support practices to create high quality care plans and look after their patients.


Special Projects Officer SWSPHN, Hornsby Day 1 and Day 2 Attendee

The Training was great, learned a lot in regards to Medicare and implimenting on Chronic Disease.  I actually recommend the training to be for all stsff, including reception staff and senior personel. 


Aboriginal Outreach Worker, Group Training Attendee Walgett

Thank you, I found today’s workshop informative and relevent to my role. Very useful. 

Stephanie, Newcastle 2020 Workshop Attendee

Aboriginal Outreach Worker / Health Practitioner, Tobwabba Aboriginal Medical Service

Very informative day. Jane was knowledgeable and presented the information really well.

Ally, Canberra 2020 Workshop Attendee

Practice Nurse

Found the workshop very helpful. Realised how little i know about BP. Have list of queries to discuss with Practice Manager.



RN, Newcastle BP Attendee

Great – interactive and covered topics relevant to job requirements.  I also  gained ideas to better run Chronic Disease  Program and address the requirements of client, GPMP and Care Plans.

David, Bidgergii Community Health Service Group Training

Care Co-ordinator - ITC / Allied Health

Fantastic presentation, very useful information and resources provided. Very knowledgeable and helpful with questions. Thank you!

Dr Bonnie, Coffs Harbour Day 2 Workshop Attendee


CDM Plus have been an asset to Birirpi ACMC. They have provided Biripi with assistance and support, implimented new processes for our receptionists, GP’s, Nurses and our Chronic Disease Management Teams. CDM Plus have also helped maximise our medicare revenue in everyway possible.


Snr Medical Receptionist

I have found the workshop to be very informative. Loved all the practical and step by step instructions and workbooks to take home. Information up to date and very thorough.  

Louise, Newcastle BP Workshop Attendee RN

This workshop has provided much insight into, claimable MBS item  numbers, a comprehensive strategy/ approach to promotive and preventative health and ensuring better health outcomes. 

It has been a revelation!!!

Elizabeth, PHN TAS Group Training

Care Co-ordinator

Very good resources and info regarding CDM. This should be an initiative for all practices to look at and improving health outcomes by understanding this. Definitely will increase CDM attendance if both Nurse / GP /Practice are all educated in this. 

Maria, Hornsby Day 1 and Day 2 Workshop Attendee


Well organised, looking forward to the tools and templates workshop

Adelaide Day 1 Workshop Attendee

The team at CDM Plus are extraordinary,  brining to the table years of practice managment and endless knowledge about medicare. Jane and her team are the dream team when it comes to healthcare, accreditation, stakeholder liason and medicare rebates.


Medical Receptionist

Gained valuable information regarding Medicare item numbers and billing. Found the session working through the plan for the client beneficial and something that i can and will implement into my practice.

Melanie , Brisbane Day 1 and Day 2 Workshop Attendee

Aboriginal Health Worker

Fantastic, really enjoyed it. Would like to have it at Brewarrina in the future. 


EEN, Group Training Attendee Walgett

Loved the case studies. Loved the presentation, very practical and informative. I have picked good information i can take back and use.

Would love to see a day 2 in Tamworth.

Vivienne , Tamworth Day 1 Workshop Attendee


Jane is very knowledgable and has great tips and tricks on MBS and Best Practice

Hornsby Day 1 and Day 2 Workshop Attendee

Special Projects Officer SWSPHN

The training day was structured very well, the content was clear and concise and the girls were very helpful – thankyou

Newcastle Day 1 Workshop Attendee

CDM Plus are very supportive in clinical services and provide effective resources to use.They have implemented new processes which has increased organisational revenue and patient care. I recommend CDM Plus to other AMS organisations



Many thanks for the very much needed informative training. learn’t so much to which all our clinics will benefit from. 

Adriana, Hackham Medical Group Traning

RN Nurse Manager

Found today’s session informative, don’t think it requires anything added

Adelaide Day 1 Workshop Attendee

I can’t thank Jane and staff enough for all of their help and support they have given me, firstly with Pracsoft / Medical Director and now Best Practice. I have more knowledge of what to do now than I had the whole time I have been employed.


Dental Assistant / Receptionist

Very helpful, always willing to help. Always look forward to the help they supply.



This course was extremely beneficial. I thought I was pretty well on to it, but questions i never thought to ask were answered in a positive, clear way. 

Highly recommend this course. 

Belinda, Hackham Medical Group Training


Most worthwhile training – very relavant to role. Positive relaxed delivery – very professional experienced delivery/ presenter. Good anecdotes made situation relavant and relatable.

Kim, Hornsby Day 1 and Day 2 Workshop Attendee

Primary Care Liason / Support SNPHN

Comprehensive system of assesment for Chronic COnditions. Opended my mind to future claiimng for Medicare Items, collaborating with local GP practices and improved outcomes for clients. 

Catherine, PHN TAS Group Training

ITC Co ordinator

Fabulous and very well presented

Newcastle Day 1 Workshop Attendee


The CDM Plus Team provide outstanding support and excellent leadership – I love them.


Practice Manager

CDM Plus Team are very knowledgeable and were a great help to our practice. In particular with Medicare billings and staff training to ensure we were giving our clients the best possible health outcomes, while maximizing the practices Medicare intake.


Aboriginal Health Practitioner AHP

CDM Plus deliver step by step guides that allow individuals to understand and follow correct processes for all tasks suited to all areas of health. The team provide assistance and support when needed no matter if on-site or off-site.


Registered Nurse

Great program for our Practice, very helpful staff. Lots of resources and shortcuts to make things easier.


General Practitioner

Good practical information. Usefull for improving current processes. Great oppotunity to getr answers to questions. 

Autumn, Hackham Medical Group Training


I enjoyed this Chronic Disease Program very much as a new grad nurse. It helped me to have a holistic view of Chronic Disease Management. Appreciated Jane’s presentation
Yating, Hornsby Day 1 and Day 2 Workshop Attendee


Excellent in service addressing quite challenging set of topics. Lovely to have a small interactive group which addressed our individualised issues and concerns.
Anthony, Port Macquarie Day 1 Workshop Attendee


Really fantastic presentation, even better being a small group. Would be nice to have a print out. Rally approachable presenters. Very useful practical information, presented by people with experience.
Vanessa, Coffs Harbour Day 1 and Day 2 Workshop Attendee

Practice Nurse

The CDM Team have made a significant impact on our processes and bottom line in terms of our management of Clients with Chronic Disease. And to top it off – that then makes it more likely that clients with CD will have better health outcomes.

Practice Manager

Great interactive format kept me engaged

Alice Springs Day 1 Workshop Attendee

Great session, very interactive and use of case studies. Excellent explanation of MBS schedule and billings as well as using Medicare website.

Dr Emma, Coffs Harbour Day 1 Workshop Attendee

GP Registrar

A great explanation of Medicare items, well relayed. Great knowledge of assessments

Sharon, Port Macquarie Day 1 Workshop Attendee

Practice Nurse

This has been really good. Plenty of thought for change, very helpful in reducing risk.
Sue, Port Macquarie Day 1 Workshop Attendee

Chronic Disease Coordinator

CDM have been a fantastic support and resource to our practice to ensure our chronic disease management clinics run continuously. Their staff are friendly and eager to help. Their services provide me with the peace of mind that our practice can continue to deliver high quality care to our patients

Practice Manager

CDM Plus has been a big help / support in identifying areas for improvement in the management of patients with chronic condition. Provided nurses with useful tips, guidance and up to date information relating to chronic diseases. Has improved CDM attendance here improving the knowledge of patients on how to better manage their condition and also has built better rapport and trust of patients.

Registered Nurse

I found the workshop very thorough and informative. Loved the Tools to make my work life simpler and efficient as well as saving time.


RN, Newcastle Day 2 Workshop

Great learning experience!! Enjoyed the practical / template user access module and informative session


RN, Newcastle Day 2 Workshop

I found this training knowledgable  and learn a lot

Rockhampton Day 1 Workshop Attendee

The staff have provided more than 100% encouragement, support and training to myself since the new infrastructure.



The CDM Plus team has been amazing. They have helped our team implement systems to improve efficiency and productivity enabling our service to provide better care outcomes for our community.


Jane and her team at CDM Plus have helped our team in developing effective systems in providing comprehensive care to clients with complex issues. The CDM Plus are always friendly and helpful.



Good Resources – loved getting the USB


RN, Newcastle Day 2 Workshop Attendee

Thanks for the course – refershed my knowledge of CDM entirley

Darwin Day 1 Workshop Attendee

Very helpful information. Gave me a better understnding on MBS eligibility and care plans. Great course!

Gold Coast Day 1 Workshop Attendee

Great freindly staff


I had an awesome experience with CDM Plus. All their knowledge, support, kindness, teachings, expertise and patience I will keep with me and pass on in the future. Seemed complicated at first but educated me in a simple and understandable way. Great work guys. Thanks for everything.

Admin / Reception

Always helpful with questions related to best practice, knowledgeable in software. Overall great people to work with.


Child and Family Health Nurse

Their knowledge on Chronic Disease is great, learnt new things every time they came.

Aboriginal Health Worker