Chronic Disease Training

Our Group Training is delivered on-site and is available throughout Australia. Available for all General Practices, Aboriginal Medical Services and Corporate Practices.

Our training can be tailored to your practice needs.

CDM Training – Learning Strategies for Chronic Disease Training

CDM Plus’s chronic disease management training gives health care providers the tools for managing their patients’ long-term conditions. Chronic Disease Management requires a team approach. Group training is a great way to your whole practice team involved in the process.

Benefits of Chronic Disease Management Training

A world-class source of chronic disease solutions, CDM Plus can teach your practice team processes that will both reduce admin time and improve patient outcomes. CDM Plus can deliver chronic disease management training for nurses, GPs, health workers and admin staff via:

  • Workshops and small group training throughout Australia. 
  • CDM Plus individual and practice resources.

The Importance of Chronic Disease Management Training for Nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers

Half a practice population has a chronic condition and numbers are continuing to increase. Nurses and Aboriginal Health assist the GP to coordinate care for patients.

CDM Plus’s chronic disease management training will result in:

  • Better patient outcomes
  • Regular planned care
  • More efficient and less costly service delivery 
  • Increased patient engagement and self-management. 

Related Services CDM Plus Provides in Addition to Chronic Disease Management Training 

Effective chronic disease management in primary health care requires early detection and prevention for patients with chronic disease and at-risk individuals. Provide one or all of our services:

  • Individual Learning
  • Group Training
  • Individual or Practice resources

Why Trust CDM Plus for Clinical Software (PracSoft) Support Training 

CDM Plus has an established record of providing top training and related services, including clinical software training such as PracSoft, Medical Director and Best Practice. We realise that our practices operate a bit differently and its what makes us unique. Our systems and processes work with any clinical software and our staff can implement the clinical software training for your clinic; as seen on our testimonials page.

Our group training can incorporate whatever your team needs. We can start with our introduction to chronic disease management and move onto more advanced tools and templates. We can split training and admin or clinical separately. Contact us to discuss your needs. 

The learning objectives for Clinical Software training are:

  • Identifying eligible patients for Chronic Disease Management activities 
  • Using shortcuts for progress notes 
  • Perform a Care Plans, Reviews and Health Assessments 
  • Editing templates for chronic disease management
  • Implement knowledge into Case Studies 

You may also want to take advantage of our free online modules about Heart Health Assessments or Home Medicine Reviews. We provide you with some templates that you can import into your clinical software.

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