Chronic Disease Management: CDM Plus Quick Start Guide-Get Ready… Set it Up! Good to Go

 Jane Calligeros, CEO CDM Plus

Don’t you wish that everyone in your practice was on the same page when it comes to Chronic Disease Management?  CDM Plus is here to help!  Chronic Disease Management in your clinic has never been easier!

At CDM Plus our purpose is to better manage patients with chronic disease and help promote activities that can prevent, delay and detect Chronic Disease at a practice level.  We’ve broken down Chronic Disease Management into a series of steps for the practice team to follow and all the tools and resources you need are right here.

Our amazing resources are now available through a Practice Subscription. At CDM Plus we recognise that each practice operates a bit differently which is why our resources are designed with you in mind.  Your Quick Start Guide is delivered with every subscription to help practices on their way.  We have provided you with some suggestions and tips that help things run a bit smoother and a checklist for each phase.

To help you GET READY we supply your clinic with a complete CDM Plus resource pack.  The number of resources you receive depends of the number of users in your clinic and we provide you with all the tools and resources you will need for the next 12 months. Your Practice Team plays a very important role in the Chronic Disease Management systems and processes.  The Patient journey in your practice begins and ends with Reception.  The Nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers assist the GPs to coordinate and deliver long term care and have an important role in prevention and early detection activities.  The GP coordinates the patient’s care an provides ongoing reviews to monitor progress.

Your CDM Plus resources are for the whole practice team and we’ve made it very easy for you to help your team Set it Up!!! From unpacking your boxes to what goes where, we’ve got you covered. 

Once you’ve completed the checklist, unpacked and familiarised yourself with the resources, then you are Good to Go √.  If you need some help getting started, you have the option to add on an induction delivered on-site or remotely to you and your team. 

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