Chronic Condition Management

Our Subscriptions are available through an Individual or Practice Subscription. Individual Subscriptions – for GP’s, Nurses, Aboriginal Health Workers / Practitioners, Practice managers, Administration and Reception.

This subscription is suitable for professionals wanting the tools to help them excel in their current positions. Practice Subscriptions –suitable for all General Practices, Indigenous Health and Corporate Clinics.

Establish Better Chronic Condition Management Systems and Processes with CDM Plus 

Chronic condition management is an essential piece of the puzzle for any general practitioner. 

Unfortunately, many GPs don’t have well-defined system in place for dealing with patients who have (or might have) chronic medical conditions. The result is a chaotic system where everyone at your practice is on a different page and does things slightly differently. Patient care suffers, and so does the overall productivity of your practice. At CDM Plus, we can help you establish superior chronic disease management (CDM) across your business. Chronic condition management is an essential part of primary health care for general practitioners. Most practices don’t have defined standard operating procedures for patients with chronic conditions. Chronic Disease Management is all about long term care and without systems and process in place patient care suffers and so does the overall productivity of your practice. CDM Plus resources allow your practice to implement long term care for patients with chronic condition

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Chronic Disease Management

CDM Plus is all about providing resources to help practice and health professionals navigate the considerable challenges of Chronic Disease Management. Our goal is to help you add more value and purpose to this part of your business. However, to get the most out of our services, we recommend you consider these two tips: 

  • Think about your CDM pain points. When it comes to chronic case management within your practice, what are the big challenges you face? The top three CDM activities are developing care plans for patients with chronic conditions, reviewing those plans regularly to check the patient’s progress and performing health assessments to detect or prevent chronic diseases. In most cases, the main Chronic Disease Management pain points that GPs face. Are the number of patients and a lack of systems and processes. 
  • Consider our training and resources which one makes the most sense for you and your practice. We offer several resources for helping health care professionals with chronic care management. Whether you delivered onsite prefer to pursue one-off CDM Plus training through our workshops, our group training or our online modules. Our resources are available for individual health care providers or to assist practices implement chronic disease management systems and processes. There is no ‘right’ answer for which solution is best; you’ll need to decide which makes the most sense for you and your practice. 

What Sets CDM Plus Apart Regarding Chronic Condition Management

When patients come to your practice looking for help with chronic disease care, you need to be sure that your CDM Plus system and processes follow best-practice guidelines. How can you be sure that CDM Plus is helping you reach that point of excellence? Here are a few factors that make us a reliable provider for chronic care management solutions: 

  • Our experience. We have perfected our training and resources over the past five years to ensure practical, results-driven advice and training for every practice. 
  • Our dynamic training offerings. Our varied training options make it possible for GPs to pick the CDM Plus solutions that make the most sense for them. You could be an individual in private practice seeking some guidance with chronic disease management. Alternatively, you could have a large practice that requires group training to get everyone on the same page. 
  • Our ability to come to you. We know that primary health care can be busy and sending staff away for training isn’t always practical which is why we offer the option for the training to be delivered onsite to your practice staff. 

About CDM Plus 

For the past five years, CDM Plus has been delivering training for chronic condition management to general practices, Aboriginal Medical Services and Corporate Practices. If you are interested in learning more about our business or the training we provide, contact us today.

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