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Our Subscriptions are available through an Individual or Practice Subscription. Individual Subscriptions – for GPs, Nurses, Aboriginal Health Workers / Practitioners, Practice managers, Administration and Reception.

This subscription is suitable for professionals wanting the tools to help them excel in their current positions. Practice Subscriptions –suitable for all General Practices, Indigenous Health and Corporate Clinics.

Provide Quality Chronic Care for Your Patients with CDM Plus 

With chronic diseases on the rise, changes in funding mechanisms and an ageing population, the need for skilled chronic disease management is growing. CDM Plus training and resources program is specifically designed to work at the GP level, providing high-quality consulting services that focus on chronic disease care, such as COPD care plans and chronic kidney disease care plans, detection intervention and prevention of chronic disease.

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What Sets CDM Plus Apart Regarding Chronic Patient Care 

CDM Plus offers comprehensive training resources to help medical practices learn more about chronic disease management and empower them to deliver quality long-term chronic disease management and care coordination. Here are a few of the things that set us apart from other programs.

  • Custom training: We’ll bring the training to you, wherever in Australia you happen to be. We can also tailor our training to suit the unique needs of your practice.
  • A variety of choices: We offer a range of proven CDM Plus training including face-to-face training, online learning or remote learning so that you can decide which the best fit is for you and your team.
  • Online modules: Practices can access our Chronic Disease Management Online Modules as a bundle for multiple users so you can learn your own way in your own time.

The Importance of Chronic Disease Management

As instances of chronic disease are on the rise among the general population, care providers and GP’s need to ensure they have a structured disease management program in place to address patient needs effectively and efficiently. Providing structured and efficient health care to patients with chronic conditions will improve health outcomes while decreasing the complexity of delivering care for health care providers. 

CDM Plus in Australia takes a patient-focused approach to chronic disease management. Here are some of the advantages of this type of care.

  • Early Detection. Prevention and early detection activities can help keep a patient well and prevent the condition from worsening while ensuring that they have access to the care and support services they need right from the start.
  • A tailored approach. We understand that each practice operates a bit differently and can deliver training to suit your needs.

Supporting patients to manage their health more effectively: increasing patient engagement during a chronic disease management appointment through setting manageable goals can increase self-management.

About CDM Plus 

CDM Plus is a leading provider of Chronic Disease Management training and resources. Our team trains all over Australia and can also provide training to your team online. We ensure our disease management programs are of the highest quality and always up to date with the healthcare system to provide positive clinical outcomes for healthcare professionals. Contact CDM Plus today to learn more. 

Frequently asked questions about chronic disease management

What is chronic disease management?

Chronic disease management (CDM) is a field of healthcare that focuses on the care of patients with chronic illnesses. These illnesses can be long-term and/or recurrent, and they often require ongoing treatment and monitoring. CDM involves a collaborative effort between the patient, the patient self management, their family members (if applicable), and their healthcare providers to ensure positive patient outcomes.

What are some common chronic diseases?

Chronic diseases are illnesses that last for a long time and typically require ongoing treatment. Some common chronic diseases include:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Epilepsy

What is the difference between a chronic disease and an acute illness?

A chronic disease is an illness that lasts for a long time and typically requires ongoing treatment, whereas an acute illness is a short-term illness that typically resolves on its own. Examples of common acute illnesses include the flu, strep throat, and sinus infection.

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