What is Chronic Disease Management?

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Engaging with New Strategies for Effective Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management in primary health care is challenging the number of patients with chronic conditions is increasing and practices have not allowed sufficient reasons to manage the current patients with chronic conditions. The number of acute patients is higher than patients with planned care.

Practices need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. If we are able to manage the patients with chronic conditions at regular planned intervals we may be able to prevent complications and hospitalisation. This sounds great in theory but practices aren’t planning for the bigger picture. 

Most practices only see a quarter of the patients they are supposed to be providing long term care for. We need to expand our Chronic Disease Management Services for this to happen.

How many planned appointments do I need to have? The answer is different from practice to practice but is can solve the Chronic Disease Management problem. 

We need to know more about our practice population. How many patients do we have? Statistics tell us that 1 in 2 patients have a chronic condition, so if our practice population was 4,000 then around 2,000 patients would have a chronic condition. We could then assume that we would need 2,000 apply for care plans and at lease review these patients once. Meaning another 2,000 apply for a care plan review. 

Why Focus on Chronic Disease Management? 

Chronic disease management often goes overlooked or underdeveloped in many general healthcare practices, corporate medical practices or Aboriginal medical services. However, the fact is that chronic care management needs to be central to the healthcare equation. A chronic medical condition is defined as a medical concern that lasts for six months or longer. You would need close to 4,000 appointments to manage your patients in a 12 month period (almost 17 per day). 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Our Chronic Disease Resources

How can you make the most of investing a portion of your budget into our training and resources? Here’s how we suggest you make the most of this opportunity: 

Attend one of our chronic disease management workshops. If you are new to primary health care it’s a great place to start. 

Access our chronic disease manage resources. We’re broken down all the chronic disease management activities into a series of steps 

Involve your practice team every step of the way for our Group Training. Your practice team would benefit from our chronic disease management resources which may involve an optional introduction to get everyone on the same page and implement long term systems and processes.

What Sets CDM Plus Apart in Chronic Disease Management in Australia?

Why CDM Plus? There are many things we bring to the table, but the most important among them are: 

  • A well-developed understanding of what it takes to equip our partners with the tools for a more successful approach to patients with chronic concerns. With more than half a decade of experience already in the books, we continue to remain on top of the latest developments in our field, passing on this knowledge through regular updates to our course materials.
  • An extensive range of online training modules that are easily accessible in whichever form you prefer. Choose from a monthly or annual fee to access all our online courses so that you can train and learn at your own pace or purchase individual courses to augment your abilities with more specific understandings. 
  • Innovative and in-depth chronic disease management templates that enable the communication of a clear understanding to patients about expectations and what they should do to manage their disease better. At the same time, practitioners also follow the same templates to track progress, evaluate results, and more.
  • Our dynamic training. Perhaps your staff needs a refresher course in chronic condition management. Maybe your practice is relatively new, and you have not yet had the opportunity to establish chronic disease management systems and process for everyone to follow. No matter where you practice is regarding ongoing care, our dynamic and flexible training can provide the guidance and education you need. 
  • Our convenience. We don’t require everyone on your team to come to us for training. Instead, we can come to your practice and provide the necessary training on the spot. For most practices, this convenience makes chronic care education much more manageable from a logistical standpoint. 
  • Our focus on prevention, detection and management. Our process for chronic disease management activities means that patients are being managed regularly and we are screens for other conditions or complications. 

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Chronic Disease Management 

Does your practice need to take a closer look at its chronic disease management systems and processes? There are some areas you need to review to identify gaps in training or resources: 

  • Current Process. What are your processes for Care Plans, Care Reviews and Health Assessments?
  • Number of Patients. How many patients have a chronic condition? What proportion of these patients receive a Care Plan Review?
  • Templates. How many different templates are being used for care plans, reviews and Health Assessments?

What You Can Expect from CDM Plus Regarding Chronic Disease Management Resources

We understand that all practices operate a bit differently. Our training and resources can be implemented into any practice regardless of the clinical software you are using. Here’s what’s included: 

  • Progress notes. We provide you with progress note shortcuts for each Chronic Disease Management activity that is in line with Medicare and gets everyone on the same page and saves time.
  • Next Appointments. Every process begins and ends with reception. They are an integral part in the success of a long-term chronic disease management program. The next appointment delivers the right care at the right time, every time. 
  • Process we’ve made each of the chronic disease management activities into a series of steps. Easy Right? 

Requirements You Can Expect from CDM Plus Regarding Chronic Disease Management 

Whether you own and operate a general healthcare practice or work as a chronic disease management nurse and are looking to improve your skills long term chronic disease management, we can help. Here’s what to expect when you work with us: 

  • Team focused. Needs the whole practice team involved, you can’t rely on one person.
  • Resources. You can access Chronic Disease Management resources individually or for your practice.
  • Training. Learning your own way. Workshops, group training, online modules, we’ve got you covered.

Why Should You Work with CDM Plus?

For health professionals, it’s all about continual, professional development. We never stop learning. Things are constantly changing in health care and chronic disease management is no different. Get started today — contact us for more details.

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