Our Group Training is delivered on-site and is available throughout Australia. Available for all General Practices, Aboriginal Medical Services and Corporate Practices.

Our training can be tailored to your practice needs.


Medicare and complex funding can make Chronic Disease Management challenging for your practice team. 

At CDM Plus we understand that Chronic Disease Management is a team approach and your admin team need training and support as well. The practice team needs training and support as well. The practice team needs to understand the different types of Medicare item numbers and different practice incentives available for delivering Chronic Disease Management in primary health care. 

Why Medicare Is Important 

Medicare billing is one of the most vital aspects of any medical practice in Australia as its funding covers most healthcare costs. Our training can resources can help your practice team by: 

  • Having an understanding of Medicare with an overview of the chronic disease management item numbers 
  • Minimise rejections by checking patient eligibility
  • Being able to use MBS online to look up item number descriptors, review explanatory notes, and check summary of changes

Related Services We Offer to Medicare

While important, Medicare billing is only a small aspect of the training we can provide to your practice. We focus on delivering chronic disease management resources to practices of all sizes. Our training can include the following: 

  • We offer on-site group training for General Practices, Aboriginal Medical Services and Corporate Practices available anywhere in the country. We tailor all training to your practice’s needs. For individuals who need a refresher on chronic disease management, we also offer workshops at various locations. 
  • Keeping up to date with chronic disease management is simple, with our individual or practice resources, with packages to fit any size practice. 
  • Our online modules cover all aspects of chronic disease management and offer a cost effective solution for training the whole practice.

Why CDM Plus Training is Cost-Effective

Our training packages contain an overview of Medicare to ensure that the administrative aspect of your practice works with efficiency. We have options to fit every type and size of practice with workshops throughout the country as well as on-site training and even online modules. Contact us today to learn which option is best for your practice. 

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