Heart Health Assessment

Our Group Training is delivered on-site and is available throughout Australia. Available for all General Practices, Aboriginal Medical Services and Corporate Practices.

Our training can be tailored to your practice needs.

CDM Plus Offers Heart Health Assessment 

CDM Plus is one of the leading Chronic Disease Management Resource Providers. We have created a free online module called Health Heart Assessment to help your team understand everything there is to learn about this new Health Assessment available under the Medicare Benefits schedule. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of an Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander people Health Assessment 

CDM Plus has created an online module to help practice teams with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Assessments. There are three types of Health Assessments available under the MBS item number 715: 

  • 0-14 yrs.
  • 15-54 yrs.
  • >55 yrs. 

Addressing Lifestyle Modification During Chronic Disease Management Appointments

Lifestyle modifications can impact risk factors for chronic conditions and help minimise complications for patients with existing chronic conditions. Appointments to address lifestyle risk factors can include:

  • Health Assessment
  • Care Plans
  • Care Reviews

What Customers Stand to Gain if They Use CDM Plus 

Chronic Disease management is hard but it doesn’t have to be. We can provide you with the resources your practice needs to help you provide long term care for patients with chronic conditions. To learn more about our many options, contact us today.

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This activity has been endorsed by APNA according to approved quality standards criteria. Completion of this educational activity entitles eligible participants to claim 6 CPD hours.

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