Keeping up to date with Medicare

Keeping up to date with Medicare

Jane Calligeros | Founder and CEO CDM Plus

Keeping up to date with Medicare can be hard with so many moving parts in Primary Healthcare.  Medicare releases updates monthly and it’s a good idea to do the same at a practice level.  Remember that not all changes will make the headline news, but descriptors, explanatory notes and fees can change from month to month.  For example, the MBS Item Number 73805 description changed last year from urine catalase OR microscopy of urine to just microscopy of urine.  The MBS Item number 900 for a Home Medicines Review changed last year and added in 3 additional criteria.

It’s important that both the clinical and admin team are aware of any changes as it may alter day to day processes.  We recommend reviewing what resources or references tools you currently have available in your practice and removing those that are dated and providing current resources.  Designate a practice team to download the monthly update and summary of changes.  Add Medicare a standing agenda item to your monthly clinical and admin meetings.

How to Download:

  1. Go to MBS Online (mbsonline.gov.au)
  2. Click Downloads
  3. Click on PDF Complete MBS (Save this separately)
  4. Scroll to table of Contents
  5. Click on Summary of Changes
  6. Download and/or Print just these pages
  7. Review changes in MBS item numbers
  8. Inform staff of any changes

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