How digital health can increase patient engagement…..

By CDM Plus CEO – Jane Calligeros

Patient engagement and patient self-management are two terms thrown around in Chronic Disease Management a lot.  Healthcare providers and health tech companies may finally be on the same page, they are both trying to improve health outcomes for patients and their families.  The question is what page are the patients on?

Why can’t we get patients involved in their own care?  Chronic Disease Management is all about long term care and it is a challenge to deliver this at the primary health care level for a few reasons:

  • The number of patients with chronic conditions is greater than the resources available to manage them
  • Lack of systems and processes to deliver long term care
  • Technology
  • Patients

Wanngi is a health app that can help patients and their families maintain a comprehensive health record.  ‘Wanngi’ was founded in 2017, means health and life and are encouraging people to become their own health champions.  Some of the features of the app include:

  • Uploading medical documents
  • Tracking symptoms and injuries
  • Family option
  • Tracking your fitness

The symptom tracker is a great feature that can help patients with chronic conditions provide a more accurate picture to health care providers at patient appointments.

If you’d like to check out the app at https://healthapp.wanngi.com/ , for your discount coupon offer which entitles you 30% off for 3 months. Your coupon code is: cdmplus2019 Expires: 31/12/2019

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