My Care Plan – Health & Wellness

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My Care Plan – Health & Wellness is your own personal and transformative journey to the future you envision wrapped up in an A5 colouring resource that empowers you to consciously take control of your own health and promote holistic well-being.

Self-Care is about nurturing your mind body, so take a deep breath and start colouring!  Our Health & Wellness resource is designed to quiet the mind and focus on the present moment.  Take a break from stressful thoughts and worries and connect with your inner self.  Colouring can promote a state of relaxation, giving you time to reflect and help you become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

My Care Plan – Health & Wellness is all about what Health and Wellness means to you.  Assess your current lifestyle in areas such as Nutrition, Physical Activity, Weight Management, Stress Reduction, Quality Sleep, limiting Alcohol Intake, Drinking Water, cultivating strong Social Connections, and consider the Behaviours and Habits you would like to change.  Did you know that you can improve your health and wellbeing by making small manageable changes?

How ready are you to make a change?  Use our Readiness Scale to see if you are “Super Ready”.  Develop a Vision Statement that describes what you want to achieve and why!  A Vision Statement is your own cosmic declaration of intention that helps keep you focused and working towards your goals.

Our My Care Plan – Health & Wellness includes:

  • My Care Plan – Health & Wellness Booklet is an A5, 56-page, 12-month health planner that includes colouring sections on the front and back covers and throughout the booklet to individualise your journey. Bring your Vision to life with your Annual Plan.  Our prompts each month will help build your confidence to set achievable Goals, Tasks, and keep consistent with a daily Habit Tracker.  The End of Month gives you the opportunity to reflect on what went well and what you have achieved.  The booklet allows you to record your Wellness Team, Health History, Family History, Medicines, and Immunisations.
  • A5 Folder – oversized soft folder with two clear pockets to hold any additional information.

Product Inclusions:

My Care Plan – Health & Wellness includes:

1 x My Care Plan – Health & Wellness Booklet

1 x A5 Folder


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This activity has been endorsed by APNA according to approved quality standards criteria. Completion of this educational activity entitles eligible participants to claim 6 CPD hours.

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