Chronic Disease Management
Starter Pack Practice 9-16 Users

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Our practice resources allow clinics to implement our proven Chronic Disease Management systems and processes at their own pace. All Practices receive a resource pack and we deliver all the resources to your door.

Our Chronic Disease Management Starter Packs are designed to be easily accessible and serve as a comprehensive reference for healthcare professionals in primary healthcare, offering evidence-based information and practical strategies for delivering high-quality care to patients with chronic conditions.

Your 9 -16 user hard copy starter pack includes:

  • CDM Plus Chronic Disease Management training manual – this is a great resource if you are new to Chronic Disease Management in primary healthcare or are looking to improve systems and processes in your practice.  The manual consists of six chapters: GP Management Plans, Team Care Arrangements, Reviews of Care Plans, Health Assessments, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Health Assessment, and Home Medicines Review (HMR).
  • Chronic Disease Management A5 Folder and Booklets – this resource folder makes a great quick reference for the whole practice team for common Chronic Disease Management activities.  There are six booklets: Chronic Disease Management, Health Assessment, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Health Assessment, Nurse/AHW/AHP, Accessing Allied Health Services under GPMPs and TCAs, and Accessing Allied Health Services under Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Health Assessment.
  • MBS Billing Combinations – this A5 card is one of our most popular resources that contains common billing combinations for Chronic Disease Management activities available under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).
  • MBS Billing Sheets – Great resources to improve communication between admin and clinical practice team members.  Chronic Disease Management activities and Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Item Numbers on a billing notepad that can help your practice capture each patient visit.  We currently provide a selection of our available MBS Billing Sheets including General Practitioner, Treatment Room, and Allied Health.
  • Next Appointment Cards & Stickers – this process and customisable resource can help increase the number of Chronic Disease Management appointments, decrease admin time for recalls, and help improve regular planned appointments for patients attending your practice for Chronic Disease Management activities including Care Plans and Reviews, Health Assessments and Mental Health Treatment Plans and Reviews.
  • Reception Quick Steps Sticker – admin play an important role in Chronic Disease Management processes at the practice level.  This resource summarises common Chronic Disease Management processes for before and after the appointment.

If you have multiple practice locations or need to add on a face to face or virtual training package,  call 1800 549 769 and talk with our team to discuss your needs.

Please note: A User is defined as a General Practitioner, Nurse (Registered, Endorsed or Practitioner), Aboriginal Health Worker and Aboriginal Health Practitioner.

 Product Inclusions:    CDM Starter Pack Practice 9-16 users

                                     12 x CDM Plus Chronic Disease Management Training Manual

                                     12 x Chronic Disease Management A5 Folder and Booklet sets

                                     16 x A5 MBS Billing Combinations Cards

                                     12 x A5 Next Appointment Card sets

                                     12 x A5 Next Appointment Month Stickers

                                     12 x A5 Next Appointment Time Stickers

                                     4 x Reception Quick Steps Stickers

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Product Type:              Hard Copy

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