Cancer Care Plans

Learn to Coordinate Disease Management Care Such as Care Plans and Health Assessment

Do you need help creating are plans, asthma care plans or other types of chronic disease management? Our proven CDM Plus training programs can do just that. Do you need help so you can complete Chronic Disease Management activities like Care Plans and Health Assessments? Our proven Chronic Disease … read more.

Chronic Care

Provide Quality Chronic Care for Your Patients with CDM Plus

With chronic diseases on the rise, changes in funding mechanisms and an ageing population, the need for skilled chronic care delivery is growing. CDM Plus training and resources program is specifically designed to work at the GP level, providing high-quality consulting services that focus on chronic disease … read more.

Chronic Condition Management

Establish Better Chronic Condition Management Systems and Processes with CDM Plus

Chronic condition management is an essential piece of the puzzle for any general practitioner.
Unfortunately, many GPs don’t have well-defined system in place for dealing with patients who have (or might have) chronic medical conditions. The result is a chaotic system where everyone at your practice is … read more.

Chronic Disease Courses

Taking Chronic Disease Courses to Explore New Strategies

Are you working in primary health care and interested in chronic disease management courses? Learning how to manage chronic conditions in primary health care can be complicated. At CDM Plus we’ve made it simple. Our training and resources will help your practice team with skills and tools to deliver long
… read more.

Chronic Disease Management

Engaging with New Strategies for Effective Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management in primary health care is challenging the number of patients with chronic conditions is increasing and practices have not allowed sufficient reasons to manage the current patients with chronic conditions. The number of acute patients is higher than patients with planned care … read more.

Chronic Disease Management Course

Complete a Chronic Disease Management Course with CDM Plus

CDM Plus loves Chronic Disease Management and you will too! Sign up for one of our chronic disease management courses or workshops. Our training and resources can help you review the best care for your patients … read more.

Chronic Disease Programs

Trust CDM Plus for an Excellent Chronic Disease Programs

Are you interested in our unique chronic disease programs? Turn to the professionals at CDM Plus. Our team offers a fantastic workshops and group training that covers the essential details are everything you need to know about chronic disease management … read more.

Chronic Disease Training

CDM Training – Learning Strategies for Chronic Disease Training

CDM Plus’s chronic disease management training gives health care providers the tools for managing their patients’ long-term conditions. Chronic Disease Management requires a team approach. Group training is a great way to your whole practice team involved in the process. … read more.

Chronic Illness Care

Look to CDM Plus for Advice Regarding Chronic Illness Care

Coordinating chronic illness care for your patients can be hard, not only does it require a unique approach to each case, but it also mandates a certain level of chronic conditions require long term care delivered at regular intervals. Your practice team needs to be able to communicate effectively together … read more.

Heart Health Assessment

CDM Plus Offers Heart Health Assessment

CDM Plus is one of the leading Chronic Disease Management Resource Providers. We have created a free online module called Health Heart Assessment to help your team understand everything there is to learn about this new Health Assessment available under the Medicare Benefits schedule … read more.


Medicare and complex funding can make Chronic Disease Management challenging for your practice team.
At CDM Plus we understand that Chronic Disease Management is a team approach and your admin team need
training and support as well. The practice team needs training and support as well. The practice team needs to … read more.