CDM Plus is all about Chronic Disease Management.  We’ve found the easiest way to get your practice team on the same page is to implement a set of systems and processes and to do that you will need a documented process that your team can follow and resources that the team can use to reference back to the processes.

At CDM Plus our purpose is to help practices better manage patients with chronic disease.  Chronic Disease Management is about providing long term care for patients with established conditions such as Diabetes, Asthma and Heart Disease.  CDM Plus provides Chronic Disease Management training for GPs, Nurses/AHWs/AHPs and Reception staff to provide them with the skills they need so they can provide quality long term care for patients.  We realise that each clinic runs a bit differently and uses different software which is why we focus on the systems and processes that you need to have in place.  We want to provide practices and staff with not only the skills but the tools they need.  Chronic Disease Management can be overwhelming and complicated, so we’ve broken all the information you need into a series of steps so that admin and clinical staff know what they need to do.

1 in 2 patients has a chronic condition and the pressure to provide long term care is increasing.  CDM Plus can help your practice and team set up a long-term Chronic Disease Management process so your team can do what they do best.  I’d like to introduce some of our hard copy resources and explain how they can help your practice team improve your Chronic Disease Management knowledge, skills and service delivery.

🧡 Chronic Disease Management Manual

  • You now have documented Standard Operating Procedures for Chronic Disease Management for your practice
  • Helps practices systemise Chronic Disease Management and make caring for patients with long-term conditions more manageable
  • Sets out the practice team roles for each Chronic Disease Management activity so each staff member knows what they are doing
  • Contains Medicare Descriptors for Care Plans, Care Plan Reviews and Health Assessments to make sure you include all relevant information
  • Additional information provided next to each step which is great as an induction tool for new staff or for staff to use as a reference
  • Visual layout making it easy to understand for your practice team
  • Prevention and Detection activities and how to incorporate them into CDM appointments

🧡 The Next Appointment

  • The Next Appointment process will ensure the patient is seen on time, every time
  • Increases attendance rates for CDM appointments
  • Processes allow your practice to forecast finances and staff resources over the next 12 months
  • Decreases the admin time needed for reminders for Care Plans, Care Plan Reviews and Health Assessments
  • Service delivery across your practice which helps strengthen your team relationships and performance

🧡 MBS Billing Combinations

  • One of most popular resources to let your team know what MBS item numbers can be billed together
  • Helps you minimise Medicare rejections


Help your practice team help your patients.  Check out some of our resources here.